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Birds in India

India is home to many Birds in India which are most sought after in the rest of the world. Right from the northern most part of great Himalayas to dense forests, India is a paradise to see Birds of India. More than 1300 species of birds are said to be found in the country which makes it one of the safest as well as most excited countries to spend your next holidays in! The vast and dense jungles of the country have a special tour to let you watch and enjoy the exotic National Bird of India along with all the specific and detailed Birds Information.

The tranquil atmosphere coupled with quietness as well as greenery makes it a heaven for visitors to explore. And if you like to listen to melodious songs of birds of India and also watching them, this is going to be a trip of a life time for you as you can see birds in India in their natural habitat. There are many famous Bird Sanctuaries in India that are filed with rich bird-life and is also considered to be a great source of Birds Information as well as fascination for the tourists flocking to the country in their search to get a rare glimpse of the various Migratory Birds in India. One f the most visited and world famous Bird Sanctuaries in India is Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which is regarded as one of the finest abode for birds in India. In 1985, it was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site as it has some of the most famous species of birds of India like Indian Peafowl, Common Kingfishers, Indian Roller, Cuckoo- the Koel, Racquet tailed drogas, Hill Myna, Sarus crane, tree pies jungle owlets, et al. The Indian Peacock (Pavo cristatus) is the national bird of India.

Some of the Migratory Birds in India have been able to elevate from subspecies to full species. With a rich abundance of more than 500 bird species, India is fast becoming a preferred birding hot spot among nature lovers from all over the globe. The tour guides in the country are knowledgeable about birds of India and provide Birds Information to ensure a great birding experience for you. India is surely a paradise for bird watching. So visit one of the Bird Sanctuaries in India to see many Migratory Birds in India flocking here.

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