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Animals in India

India has always been knows as the land of snake charmers and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Among a rich flora and fauna, one can easily explore and find that the country is home to hundreds and thousands of species of Animals in India along with thousands of birds. The distinct climate as well as landscape makes India an ideal place for wildlife explorers. The rivers, dense forests, and hilly areas of the country add to a different ecosystem which encouraging growth in Wild Animals in India. And to protect these national treasures the Endangered Animals India, India has already established many wildlife sanctuaries along with the necessary protection laws to save them and grow them in numbers. There are around 100 national parks and almost 500 sanctuaries, which are home to hundreds and thousands of different Animals of India.

The most famous project to save animals, especially tigers, is Project Tiger which is made and implemented strictly to protect the Bengal tiger, which also happens to be the national animal of the country. Along with it, there are other projects too, that are running throughout the nation to protect the legacy of Endangered Animals India. For all the wildlife enthusiasts, India is a nation that offers a memorable Safari India to explore and see the vast variety of animals and birds. Safari India is touted as the best way to travel around and watch the rich flora and fauna closely. It is also a great way to be as close to nature as possible as it is not possible in cities.

To get a charming experience of Animals in India, going through some of the many National Parks is a great way. It is the best to meet wild life in their normal habitat. You can also spend time paying attention to melodious sounds; see the Wild Animals in India like royal Bengal tigers, rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, et al. From length to breadth of the country, India is home to numerous Endangered Animals India that are rare to see. Some of the animals of India have also been successfully protected. Eco Safari India gives one a chance to come close to the nature and see the prosperous flora and fauna of the country. You can also consider spending a day watching animals of India in their natural state. So contact us now to book your Safari India.

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