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Tamil Nadu has over twenty centuries of continuous cultural history. The greatest attraction of Tamil Nadu lies in its magnificent temples, fine beaches, several hill stations, unspoilt forests, resorts and wild-life. People of Tamil Nadu are very hospitable and welcome the tourists and visitors in a very unique and warm manner.

The state has an excellent road and rail network. It has an international airport at Chennai and three other important domestic airports. Accommodation to visitor to Tamil Nadu is available in a number of Hotels ranging from five stars to ordinary economy class Indian style to suits different classes of people.

Tamil Nadu has the longest recorded history; the language of this land, Tamil, is the oldest Dravidian language very much earlier to the Sanskrit which came from the north. The Sangam poetry mentions that great temples were built in Tamil Nadu, songs were composed and epics written. Kamba Ramayanam has a sacred place in the land as is for Valmiki Ramayana is Sanskrit.

The cultural life in rural Tamil Nadu follows a simple pattern. The village drama is a dynamic institution. The stage for the open-air theater made of bamboo or woven coconut leaves can come up in a village at a moment’s notice. Dramatic activity is one in which every one in the village lends a hand. Almost every village in Tamil Nadu has a drama unit. Harikatha performance are very common in almost all the temple in Tamil Nadu. These are one man performances and present famous devotional tales through music and narration.

Music in Tamil Nadu is very popular. Known as Karnatic music it is practiced all over the state. The famous annual Thyagaraja Aradhna at Tiruvaiyaru near Thanjavur attracts thousands of renowned music lovers and many famous musician from all parts of the state.

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