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Pune is one of the biggest cities in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Pune Travel is second largest city after capital Mumbai and also acts as the state's cultural capital. Pune Tour is marked by a large student population which enlivens its lively nightlife and creates an exciting atmosphere for the travelers as well as the residents.

Pune Tourism also has some of the most fantastic museums, restaurants, and surrounding hill forts offering panoramic views to its visitors. Pune Trip has with it a glorious history of almost 1500 years. Since Pune Trip is located in Maharashtra, the majority of the residents is Maharashtrians and speaks the Marathi language. While on Pune Holidays, one can visit Pataleshwar caves and Fergusson College. It is also called as the "Oxford of the East" as the city is an authentic university town as it boasts of a number of colleges as well as institutes in the areas ranging from arts to science, engineering to medicine. There are many students who come from out side of the country too to pursue their higher studies. And that is the prime reason why Pune Travel Guide is known as a young and vibrant city. A simple, leisurely stroll along Fergusson road on weekends gives one a glimpse of the city as it is fully crowded and lively. One can also consider going to the famous Durga Coffee House near MIT College in winters to see a huge crowd guzzling down hot coffee.

The climate of Pune Trip is very pleasant and the city boasts of 3 main seasons of summer, winter, and monsoon. Summers are mostly hot with mercury reaching almost 40C. Pune gets cool air even during summer and nights in the city are considerably cooler than other parts if the region because of it high altitude. It receives heavy thundershowers sometimes along with heavy rains in the month of May to lower the temperature. The rainy season is full of cloud for days at stretch. And winters are generally dry with night temperatures become as low as 5C. Travel to Pune is also a major transportation center for the west part of Maharashtra as it serves as the entrance for many hill stations in the area. Pune Trip has no civil airport but a military airport which is served by almost every domestic carrier with only a couple of international flights operating at the moment from Pune Tourism.

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