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Manali Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoons are one of the most important life events post marriage, most couples start planning for their honeymoon parallel to their wedding. Weddings are stressful even if everything is well planned. The couple is on a high roller coaster ride and a post wedding holiday is well deserved. One of the most popular and perfect honeymoon destinations is Kullu Manali. Kullu and Manali are two different hill stations, Kullu, popularly known as the "Valley of the Gods" is situated in the western Himalayas. Manali is picturesque city at the northern end of the Kullu Valley. The snow-capped mountains, the serene environment, the untouched beauty of these places attract honeymooners from all over India. Travel and tour operators bank on this destination and offer an amazing set of Kullu Manali Honeymoon Packages.

You have a wide range of options to choose from when we mention Honeymoon Packages in Manali. Honeymoon packages are very different from your normal holiday package as they are specifically tailored to make the holiday more romantic. Manali honeymoon packages offered by hotels and resorts usually cover everything you expect from a holiday. They let you indulge in complimentary breakfast, and then arrange a taxi or a cab to take you around the city for some local sight-seeing; they take care of your meals and also arrange something fun for the evenings. Personalized cakes, expensive wines, candle light dinners, champagnes, and spa treatments - the resorts go all out to make it perfect for you.

Honeymoon packages in Manali are designed to keep your holiday as stress free as possible. Most people are under the assumption that booking with an online search engine is a sure shot way to great deal on a vacation. But remember that your travel agent also has direct tie ups with vendors and can get you a much better offer. Always cross check your online deals with a local tour operator before you seal a deal.

Manali Honeymoon packages usually include your meals, accommodations and a rental car. They offer great savings and are so much more convenient than researching and planning the whole holiday yourself.

Kullu Manali Honeymoon Packages are tailored based on the duration of your stay. The most common ones are the 3 days and 4 nights stay, the prices depend on the kind of service you are looking for. The most expensive pick in the packages offered include services like use of Jacuzzi, personalized toiletries, a wide range of movies to watch on the DVD player, complimentary site tours etc.

Another treat that these packages offer are room decorations, the hotels/resorts work hard to make your room as romantic as it can get. They even leave you little surprises by your bed to make you smile. As with any travel deal, it is important that you negotiate when you finalize a honeymoon package. Most resorts are extremely accommodating and will agree to your price and offer just to make you happy. So start making those calls and get packing for your dream honeymoon.

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