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Goa Wildlife

Goa Wildlife is one of the reasons why tourists love to flock to Goa among other reasons. The total forest cover in Goa is around 1500 sq. km. most of which is government owned. Most of the forests are situated in the interior of the eastern regions of Goa which is surrounded by the Western Ghats. They are internationally recognized for its rich tropical biodiversity and also as one of the leading biodiversity hotspots on earth.

Goa's wildlife sanctuaries consists of more than 1500 documented species of plants, almost 300 species of birds, over 60 genera of reptiles, and over 50 kinds of animals, making it a truly magnificent place to go to. Rice is the main food crop among other food crops is also grown. Main cash crops of the state are coconuts, cashew nuts, areca nuts, sugar cane and various types of fruits viz. pine apples, mangos et al. Goa Wildlife Sanctuaries' chief animal is the Gaur and the state bird is the Ruby Throated Yellow Bulbul which is considered to be a variation of Black-crested Bulbul. Goas state tree is the Asan and the rice paddies are common in rural parts of Goa. There are several forests products like the bamboo canes, chillar barks Maratha barks, and the bhirand which are extremely famous among the locals as well as the tourists alike. Coconuts trees are present in almost all the areas of the state except for the higher situated regions. Also, there is a huge number of deciduous vegetation which includes teak, cashew, and mango trees and the fruits include the jack fruits, mangos, pineapples and the very famous 'black-berry'. Goa Wildlife's forests are very rich with various medicinal plants.

Various animals such as foxes, wild boars and other migrating birds make your Wildlife Travel a success in the forests of Goa. A huge number of fishes are also found off the Goa coast. You can only find crabs, jellyfish, oysters, lobsters, shrimps, etc. on your next Goa Wildlife Holidays. Goa also boasts of a high snake population which also helps keeping the rodent population in control. Goa also has many famous National Parks, like the most renowned Salim Ali bird sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Molem Wildlife Sanctuary, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Madei Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. If you have any query for Wildlife Tour in Goa or any other Information on Goa wildlife, you can contact us now.

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