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Churches in Goa

Goa, best holiday spot of India, is studded with churches and temples, which stay as silent however forceful witnesses to the extreme religious historical past of the various people who lived here. Therefore a pilgrimage tour to Goa is a unique experience. Goa Churches building was one of the most important occupations of the early Portuguese in Old Goa and actually one of Vasco da Gama's important missions for finding the sea path to India was to "seek Christians and spices".

Christianity was pressured upon with religious fervor by the Portuguese throughout the period of the "Inquisition" with large scale destruction of temples and this continued until the official end of the "Inquisition" in Goa in 1812. Most of the Churches Building in Goa have been constructed on the land of former temples. The confiscated lands of the temples had been handed over to the church and the communidades. Here we provide you the list og Churches in Goa where you will get the best experience of pilgrimage tour in Goa.

List of Churches in Goa

  • St. Francis Xavier
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus (Church in Old Goa
  • St. Catherine Church
  • Our Lady Of Rosary
  • Church Of St. Anthony
  • Reis Magos Church
  • Se Cathedral
  • Church Of St. Monica
  • Our Lady Of The Mount
  • Church Of Carmelites
  • Immaculate Conception Church
  • Church Of St. Cajetan
  • St. Francis Of Assisi
  • St. John Of God
  • The Cross Of Miracle
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