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People not only from India but all around the world have peculiar interest for visiting Goa. India's smallest state by area, Goa India is located in south west part of the country in the region which is known as the Konkan. It is the fourth smallest state by population which is surrounded by the state of Maharashtra in the north and Karnataka in the south and east. The western coast is formed by the Arabian Sea making it the largest traveled place in India.

Goa is undoubtedly India's richest state with a very high per capita GDP. It was recently ranked as one of the best places on earth known for its infrastructure by various institutions and large corporate. It was also ranked on top for the best quality of life than that of the country as a whole. Its capital is Panaji and the largest city in the state is Vasco da Gama. Goa India is widely renowned for its beaches, places of worship and also as world heritage architecture. Goa Travel is visited by international as well as domestic tourists in large number each year. With an unmatched flora and fauna primarily due to its wonderful location on the Western Ghats range, it is also classified as biodiversity hotspot.

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