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Chennai Temples

The graceful and elegant city of Chennai, The capital of Tamil Nadu, is popularly known as the Gateway to the South India. Excellent road and transport system of Chennai provide conveyance to visit in Chennai Temples and many other places of Chennai. Taxis and autorickshaws can also be hired to see temples in Chennai, local travel in addition to the excellent system of Metro Bus system. Here we discuss about the Chennai Temples where you can enjoy the tour.

Temples in Chennai

Sri Parthasarathy Temple : Situated in Triplicane, this temple is a fine example of Pallava architecture. Dedicated to Lord Krishna as Parthasarathy, the temple is said to have been built during the 8th century and subsequently renovated by the kings of Vijayanagar. Arjuna, the Partha and Sri Krishna as his Sarathy- charioteer during the historic battle of Mahabharatam are the chief idols depicted here.

Kapaleeswarar Temple : Another spectacular monument of Pallava sculpture and architecture is situated in Mylapore. It is dedicated to Shiva and the temple has some beautiful sculptures and bronze idols of the Shaivite sainte. Goddess Parvati is depicted here in the form of pea-hen – mayil worshipping Lord Shiva. In view of this, the place gets the name Mayilpuram or Mylapore.

Universal Temple—Sri Ramakrishna : The Universal Temple of Sri Ramakrishan Mutt, Mylapore, was consecrated in February 2000. It is a synthesis of religions and symphony of architecture. The old Mutt was started in Mylapore during the time of Ramakrishnananda, a direct discipline of Sri Ramakrishna. The newly opened temple has become a place of pilgrimage to all visitors to Chennai. Set in magnificent surrounding, any one who stands at the entrance will have a beautiful view of the temple with its imposing seven storey structure. The ground floor houses the prayer hall. Below is a very large auditorium, fitted with permanent seating arrangements and a large stage. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple has an idol of Sri Ramakrishna carved in white marble, Seated on a lotus on an intricately carved pedestal. Separate shrines for Sri Sharada Devi and Swami Vivekananda open in to the player hall. The central tower of the uimana is identical to that of the Belur Math temple at Howrah At the very top is a lantern covered with a gold plated Kalasham.

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